Manufacture and sale of polypropylene and polyethylene in Ukraine

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Polymer raw materials



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Company "ALVIS 2000 LTD" is an experienced and reliable Ukrainian company that works on the market of polymer raw materials. Our Company specializes in production, deliveries, sales and distribution of recycled polymers in forms f pellets and regrind materials and also, in all its forms and grades accessible on the world market of abovementioned raw material.

 Company "ALVIS 2000 LTD" is oriented on quick deliveries of high quality material on competitive prices. By the way we cooperate with many large recycling plants and factories and this fact gives us the possibility to provide our customers with top-quality recycled plastics that is similar to virgin analogue according its physical and chemical properties.

When we collaborate with our customers we don't just meet the demands in polymer raw materials but we also help to find for our business partners the most acceptable material, maximally matched in price and quality.

Our experience in polymer material field combined with close partnership with big companies allows us to provide our customers with high quality material in the shortest terms.  

 We are ready to consider any propositions as to the collaboration and deliveries of necessary plastic materials for Your Company.   

For regarding the possibility of plastic materials delivery and cooperation you only need to send the inquiry on the e-mail: