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09.08.2011 / We buy polymer scrap

We buy polymer scrap

"ALVIS 2000 LTD"  specializes in recycling of plastic scrap.  Mostly, we are engaged in production of PP granules material and for this moment we are looking for reliable plastic scrap supplier who will be able to deliver PP post industrial scrap materials, PP big-bags, LDPE foil to the address of our company on constant conditions.  

We will regard any propositions, photos are desirable.

Demands to PP big-bags: white color, not from fertilizers, alkaline materials (salt, sodium), desirably clean

Needed volume: 200 MT per month we can take more.

Also, we are interested in LDPE film clean and clear, preferably 98%-2%.

Needed volume : 200-300MT per month.

If you are interested in collaboration with us, please contact us the way you like more.